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Here I bring you the TOP 5 Tanzanian Stars With Good Appearance To Tanzanian Girl and East Africa Generally through their Wearing Style.

1 . Alikiba 

Seduce me hit maker His new Hair style that he launch few weeks past made he appear more attractive to especially Tanzanian girl .

2 . Nedy Music

Hit maker of latest song Nishalewa which means Drunkad he is one among of top musician with good appearance and look attractive to Tanzanian girls.

3 .Dogo Janja

Ngarenaro Hit maker by his stage name known as Dogo Janja is one who shine due to his wearing style .

4 . Juma Jux

Another one Juma Jux the African Bong due to own his logo African Boy makes his to have various wearing style that he invert day to day .

5 . Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz fomous as Simba Which mean Lion is another Sugar to the Tanzanian  Ladies

due to his style and creativity and he is talk of the Town,

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